Proactivity is of paramount to Customer Success - proactivity

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, there are a few practical strategies CSMs can implement to make the difference : 

For Amy Sullivan, VP of Client Experience at Ontic, it’s all about understanding customers’ goals first to ensure alignment on the outcome and help drive conversations more productively.

Amy Sullivan

The role of Data is also critical to track customer metrics and identify which clients are mature in using the company’s products and where others would need further enablement.

So by focusing on the four core areas of adoption, engagement, expansion, and renewal, the Customer Success team is able to build more strategic relationships.  

Finally, an effective account planning brings in all the relevant parties involved from Sales to Product including exec sponsors to ensure cross functional alignment using a CRM to track activities.

As a take away, here are the three questions Amy would recommend to ask your customers:

1) What are the common use cases ?
2) Key metrics being measured ?
3) What are the expected outcomes ?

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