From Mechanical Engineering to Driving Customer Success - Hannah Herlihy

There is definitely no right or wrong career path when it comes to Customer Success and everyone has an opportunity to succeed in that journey.

After her mechanical engineering studies, Hannah Herlihy Lowe moved into an Analytics Consultant role with Accenture to now drive Customer Success at Conjura

The switch might appear astonishing however the two roles stich together perfectly ! 

Her passion about understanding how things work behind the scenes, problem solving skills or reading and understanding data  were indeed the key strengths she has been able to leverage to climb the career ladder and find a perfect fitting role.

So if you were also looking for a career change, here’s what Hannah would recommend : 

1) identify your strengths and fields where these can be applied.

2) Read, get trainings, attend courses related to your target role.

3) Most of all, network with people who are already in a similar position where you want to be !

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