SaaStr Scale: FREE Digital Event Dec 15th, 2021 - SaaStr Scale Dec 15 2021 Free Digital event

SaaStr Scale is a completely immersive, live digital event for Founders and Revenue Leaders to share best practices:

  • A one-day, turbo-charged digital event
  • All streaming live
  • The best-of-the-best in Sales, Marketing and Customer Success
  • 25+ tactical, “The Playbook To” sessions from top CROs, CMOs, CCOs and more
  • All to help you scale to $100M and beyond.

Speakers include:

  • Chief Customer Officer, Verdane & Hive Streaming
  • CEO Gitlab
  • CEO Gorgias
  • COO Asana
  • CRO Box
  • CMO Freshworks
  • CRO Calendly
  • CMO Airtable
  • VPS Databricks
  • VPS Walkme
  • VPS Waze
  • VPS Highspot
  • VPM Sendbird and more!

Join for FREE here ->

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