The Most 5 Beloved Rising Customer Success Platforms in 2022, According to Reviewers - internet


• create a single source of truth aggregating customer information from different sources.

• set health scores per segment or price plan.

• automated alerts for specific scenarios.

• customer 360-view with all client’s engagements, feature usage, previous conversations with Support, payment history, and more.


• user-friendly and customizable interface.

• you can track support tasks, opportunities

• transfer of knowledge between team members.

• monitor account health, add notes, track your tasks, and record any customer milestones.

• integrates with many CRMs like SalesForce and Looker to gather all customer information in one place.

• automated alerts, easy to capture notes, easy to update fields


• build a CSM dashboard with the status of Onboarding, escalations, customer health, upcoming renewals.

• easily integrate with Salesforce and G-Suite

• personalized experience for customers through customizations, segmentation, and automation.

Client Success

• engagement and health score sections to track meeting and account history.

• contract information, revenue tracking, reporting.

• 360-degree view of the customer journey with the ability to segment by customer health score, customer pulse, and engagement.

• easy integration with other CRMs and Slack, Hubspot in particular.


• the collaborative Customer Onboarding Platform

• user-friendly Project Plan functionality and collaborative Spaces

• track all customer communications in one place

• task page to track all the previous conversations

• instant chat feature

• customize each project to match the customer’s branding 

• ramp up new customer success reps faster 

• templates and dynamic task templates

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