Valentina Magana joins Ecoation as Customer Success Lead

Valentina Magana is joining Ecoation as Customer Success Lead. 

“As part of our Human + Machine philosophy, we always make sure our customers are being looked after by the best people in the market, so we couldn’t be more excited that Valentina Magana is joining us as Customer Success Lead,” the team commented.

Valentina was one of the shining stars from the CEICKOR Centro Universitario in Mexico and has worked at Priva North America over the past years, helping growers with their climate and growing strategies. “Now she’s ready to bring our IPM and Yield Forecasting technology to our customers in North America. When great people get together, they make great things happen. I am very happy that Valentina chose to join ecoation, and I am sure our customers will greatly benefit from her insight and passion for improving the industry,” Dr. Saber Miresmailli, CEO of Ecoation. 

SOURCE: Ecoation

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