A cultural crisis in America’s workplace diversity

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The workplace experience for most employees is not the workplace experience for all employees, as reveals a recent study from Glassdoor measuring gaps in Diversity & Inclusion satisfaction by employee race and ethnicity.

The report led by Andrew Chamberlain, Ph.D. Chief Economist at Glassdoor along with Amanda Stansell, Data Scientist and Daniel Zhao, Senior Economist,

reveals that : 

1) the three jobs with the widest gaps in D&I perceptions are :
**customer success**, program manager and registered nursing.

2) workers from different racial and ethnic groups **disagree** 
about the current state of workplace D&I at their companies. 

3) the broad measures of employee satisfaction tend to be dominated by opinions of white employees because of this over-representation.

Therefore, employers must :

1) look beyond average employee opinion on workplace diversity.

2) and focus on the experiences of underrepresented employees to avoid blind spots.

=> Directly soliciting feedback from these groups is a necessary first step to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.

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