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customer success company that offers businesses everything they need to retain customers and drive company growth post-sale. Take your customer success team to the next level by taking advantage of Gainsight’s industry-standard best practices and thought leadership.

Frequency 2 posts / week Since Aug 2019


customer success software helping business understand their customer’s product usage, assesses their health, and gives business the means to manage and automate the customer experience.

Frequency 2 posts / week Since Aug 2015


customer success platform that helps recurring revenue businesses simplify the complexities of customer success by connecting the dots of customer data, actively monitoring customer health changes, and driving proactive engagements.

Frequency 3 posts / week Since Dec 2010

CSM Practice

CSM Practice

customer success consulting firm that helps technology and services organizations reduce churn, improve expansion selling and optimize new customer deals by designing and implementing best in class customer success strategies that are tailored to your unique business model and needs.

Gain Grow Retain

A popular and growing community of CS professionals from all levels.

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