How to Write Cold Emails That Get Responses ?

How to Write Cold Emails That Get Responses ?

In Customer Success, one of the most challenging areas is around identifying and connecting
with the right persona and sponsor at customer organization.

Sometimes, there is no other choice left than sending out “Cold Emails”, which you need to master.

So how do you write cold emails that get responses ?

Get to know the person a bit further first before reaching out.

Here are 5 simple steps that will help :

  1. Find out their latest posts or achievements to learn what they are interested in.
  2. Create empathy: start your message showing common interest based on your findings at step
  3. Identify a challenge the person or their company are facing
  4. Tell briefly how you could help.
  5. Finish your message with a call to action.


You must give value first to receive.

And helping others will help you in return.

As simple as it is.

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