5 Habits That Ruin Your Productivity

5 Habits That Ruin Your Productivity

With the pandemic, you sure have more time, but are you getting more productive ?
Here are 5 Habits That Ruin Your Productivity :

1) Checking your phone, emails, social media, etc. the very first thing when you wake up.

=> Avoid the reactive mode, wait till after breakfast to help your mind focus on important tasks for the day ahead.

2) Too much attention on minor details, like building the “perfect” template.

=> Your time is precious. Just move on.

3) Working until you get exhausted

=> take breaks, have a walk, whenever you feel you are losing traction.

4) Trying to “find time” to do something : sure path to ending up with not doing anything on time.

=> book time in your calendar and commit for things that are important to you : like learning, reading, family, work out, etc.

And 5) I can’t emphasize this enough : saying “Yes” to all type of requests, especially those that are not important.

=> reset expectations, set your own boundaries and let people know.

In summary, being productive does not start with having “more things” to do in your agenda, but by removing all productivity killing habits first.

Remember :

Small changes, huge outcomes.

Give it a try. I hope that helps.

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