🍵Exclusive Interview With Rav Dhaliwal – The Customer Success Cafe Podcast

I am thrilled to introduce my special guest for this premiere, Rav Dhaliwal.

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Rav Dhaliwal on the CS Café P

Rav is an investor and former executive at Slack.

As someone “coming from the field”, he has over 20 years of experience in the tech industry.

Today, he is a venture partner at Crane, where he focuses on investing in early-stage startups.

If he had to define a new job title, it would likely be FSM: “Founder Success Manager.” 🙂

We recently sat down and discussed all things Customer Success and beyond.

In particular, we went deep into his blog post that had a bomb effect on the CS community: The Problem With Customer Success.

I’d like to thank again Rav for his time and insights.

From the skills you need to transition into CS to driving Customer Success at an Executive level, you’ll learn how to lead the way as an effective CS professional!

Are you ready? Tune in and listen to this epic interview with Rav Dhaliwal!

For more information about Rav’s work, check out his blog here.

p.s. if you want to be one of my next guests on the show, feel free to reach out.

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