Chili Piper Expands Leadership Team with First-Ever Chief Customer Officer - Gemma Cipriani
Gemma Cipriani-Espineira – Chief Customer Officer
Chili Piper

Gemma Cipriani-Espineira continues to transform Chili Piper’s Customer Success Team

Chili Piper, the leading inbound conversion platform for sales and marketing teams, has promoted its VP of Customer Success, Gemma Cipriani-Espineira to be its first-ever Chief Customer Officer (CCO). As part of the company’s efforts to be customer-first, Chili Piper will also be rebranding its Customer Support department – which sits within the company’s Customer Success (CS) Group – to the new Department of Customer Love.

In her new role, Gemma will continue to oversee the CS Group and lead the charge to customer earned growth while managing fully distributed global teams in pre-sales, onboarding, success, and support. Gemma will also help expand Chili Piper’s customer teams to service new products and markets with a relentless focus on helping customers save time, improve revenue and enhance experiences.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Gemma to our executive team as our first-ever CCO,” said Nicolas Vandenberghe, co-founder, and CEO of Chili Piper. “Our company saw unparalleled growth throughout the pandemic, doubling new customer sign-ups per month and Gemma’s customer-centric mentality was key in ensuring this success. We know she will continue to lead our CS Group to meet new heights while continuing to deliver excellent service.”

In less than a year as the VP of Customer Success, Gemma has transformed Chili Piper’s approach to driving adoption which resulted in a 91% increase in Monthly Active Users. She established a Center of Excellence within the CS Group and transformed the team toward proactively helping customers achieve value during times of steep growth. To meet customer growth, Gemma scaled the team quickly by 460% to date. With her at the helm, the Customer Success Group has seen a significant improvement to net retention and secured 90% logo retention (a 8% Q3 YoY increase). She has also improved time to value by 36% and helped streamline the customer onboarding experience.

“What attracted me to Chili Piper is the undeniable importance of the platform,” said Gemma Cipriani-Espineira. “In a busy world, time is our biggest asset, and Chili Piper’s advanced routing and scheduling solutions provide our customers with a true competitive edge. The strong collaboration between the product and CS teams at Chili Piper allows us to deliver exceptional ROI and experiences for our customer community, and we will continue to offer the most innovative products and services to make meetings happen.”

B2B companies are increasingly relying on inbound marketing to generate pipeline. But marketers struggle to convert inbound leads, with many missing the most important conversion point –going straight to meeting. In fact, the average lead response time is 42 hours. Enter Chili Piper, whose inbound conversion platform makes speed-to-lead instant. Chili Piper automatically qualifies, routes, and connects inbound leads, while enabling a fast and error-free marketing-to-sales handoff. Companies like Intuit, Twilio, Gong, Spotify, and Shopify rely on Chili Piper and have seen their inbound conversion rates double.

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