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Five years after the launch of their award-winning customer success software, Custify has taken their unique insight into business, and how they grow companies through customer success and distilled it all in their new eBook – The Essential Guide to an Outstanding Customer Success Strategy.

The best-in-class Custify software has a proven track record of assisting businesses in laying the groundwork for expanded growth. It helps businesses improve customer visibility, carry out a successful onboarding process, and empower them to reach out to customers at the right time with the right message.

It’s so much more than simple account management software. Custify was built from the ground up with the intention of placing the customer success manager in the center of the company’s workflow. From there, scaling customer success operations is just a matter of strategy. By tracking each customer’s unique journey through the company and defining goals to be met, you have a baseline with which to monitor progress. CSMs can even set up alerts whenever goals aren’t met so they can easily reach out in a proactive manner.

Companies sign up with Custify because they’re interested in gaining a deeper insight into the customer experience. Understanding and gleaning actionable data about the lifecycle of the customer allows companies to break through ceilings that traditionally felt impenetrable. This results in Custify users seeing improved retention rates, better onboarding experiences, and a massive increase in productivity. This latter benefit is due in large part to the automation element of Custify.

With years of success under their belt, the next logical step is to release an eBook distilling all of the learned data from their software into one easy to consume format. That’s the basis for The Essential Guide to an Outstanding Customer Success Strategy. Learning important aspects of the customer’s journey to success allows for a deeper understanding of the importance of the software itself.

Both the eBook and the Custify software work hand in hand to help any growing business firmly plant their customers’ feet on the right road to success and ensure that even when they teeter on the edge, the company is right there to resolve any issues.

“We believe every company should practice customer success,” Custify CEO, Philipp Wolf, said of the new eBook. “What is customer health, what metrics should you use, how to prevent churn, how does customer service work with sales or support – these are just some of the issues we see companies facing every day. We have put all the knowledge we’ve gained in the last few years into this guide and want to share it with everyone.”

Custify believes that customer success is essential for businesses to grow. With the one-two punch of the Custify software and their new eBook The Essential Guide to an Outstanding Customer Success Strategy, businesses have a clear path forward for continued growth.

About Custify
Custify is a customer success platform designed to help B2B SaaS businesses manage customer engagement, scaling, and churn rate in the recurring revenue model. Key features include KPI tracking, task automation, task management, client outreach, and audience segmentation.

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Company Name: Custify
Contact: Victor Antiu

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