How To Drive Customer Success in a High-Growth Company - Tom Ronen

Tom Ronen, Head of Customer Success at provides us some great actionable insights that help him drive customer-facing operations and lead teams in a high growth company.

7 key learnings to navigate through the ever-changing environment :

1 ) Always put customers first.

2 ) Teamwork is key : share information, be transparent
3 ) Use data to drive insightful decisions
4 ) Understand customer expectations and exceed as possible.

5 ) For Low-touch CS segments : data-driven automation and personalization is key.

6 ) Managing fast-growing teams :
Build strong leadership, quality over quantity and a solid Culture, leading by the example.

7 ) Finally, drink your own champagne i.e. use your own products so you can deliver the best out of it for your customers.

Hakan Ozturk

Hakan Ozturk
Founder,, #1 Weekly Customer Success Newsletter

Hakan Ozturk is a Paris-based Customer Success leader with over 15 years of experience in the computer software industry. Passionate about driving growth and delivering value to strategic customers, Hakan has established himself as a trusted industry expert. As the Founder of The Customer Success Café Newsletter and, Hakan provides valuable industry insights and daily-updated job opportunities worldwide in the field of Customer Success. Connect with Hakan to boost your career in CS and your company’s potential for massive growth.

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