Steven Gabel Named Obligo’s VP of Customer Success to Lead Nationwide Growth

Obligo, the fintech company that builds trust between renters and landlords with its holistic suite of deposit solutions, is pleased to announce Steven Gabel as Vice President of Customer Success. Gabel’s decades of experience and relationships in residential real estate make him an ideal partner for properties looking to simplify their rental experience.

Gabel, a prop-tech veteran, has spent his entire 17-year career in the real estate industry, with an emphasis on the rental market at RealPage, On-Site, and Cantor & Pecorella. At On-Site, Gabel helped grow its revenue by approximately 400% during his tenure.

“Steve brings his years of experience in the rental market at a critical time,” said Omri Dor, co-founder and COO at Obligo. “With rising interest rates, the volume of property acquisitions is decreasing, leading landlords and property managers to focus on simplifying operations and increasing NOI for their existing properties. As a result, we’re seeing elevated demand for Obligo’s solutions. Steve’s industry knowledge will be pivotal in our efforts to change the way the landlord-tenant relationship works.”

Obligo’s holistic product suite powers a trusted and streamlined rental experience that benefits renters, property managers, and owners. Using Open Banking data and AI, Obligo determines a renter’s eligibility to rent deposit-free. Renters then use Obligo’s digital flow to make their move-in payments, including a traditional security deposit, if needed. At move-out, Obligo handles any end-of-lease deductions, refunding of deposits, and billing the renter for any open charges. Obligo’s products can be used stand-alone, or be embedded into other software flows via API for a more seamless experience.

“Obligo is in a unique position to connect property owners, managers, and renters,” Gabel said. “We’re dedicated to building trust between these parties through outstanding technology and customer service, so every day we listen to our partners closely, and understand their joys and pains, in order to help them succeed in creating a better rental experience.”

Obligo is home to folks who are not afraid to disrupt the way things have always been done. In the heart of New York City and on the beachfront of Tel Aviv, the company is building the renting experience of the future with financial technology. Learn more about career opportunities at Obligo.

About Obligo

Obligo harnesses financial technology to build trust between renters and landlords, making the move-in and move-out process as simple as checking in and out of a hotel. In 2018, brothers Roey and Omri Dor founded Obligo as a holistic product suite to streamline rental owners’ operations, boost their bottom line, power a superior rental experience, and comply with ever-changing regulations.

Obligo’s solution suite today includes free certified electronic move-in payments, a flexible credit-backed deposit alternative, and automated electronic deposit refunds, complemented by powerful integrations with industry-leading software. For more information, visit

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