The 2021 BIG RYG Customer Success Leadership Summit by ChurnZero - BIG RYB 2021 Churnzero

/ Oct 6-7, 2021 Washington DC

“RYG”: an acronym for Red, Yellow, and Green which represents the common indicators of customer health. 

This year’s in-person two-day conference will focus on business challenges within the Customer Success industry, high-level thought leadership, and open dialogue with industry experts and game changers.

“Like most events last year, our inaugural 2020 industry conference, BIG RYG, pivoted from an intimate in-person experience to a huge digital one,” said You Mon Tsang, CEO and founder of ChurnZero.

“We were thrilled with the response and the enthusiasm we received with over 5000 registrations last year. This year, with the help of vaccines, we’re looking forward to safely gathering with our peers for a limited-audience and much-needed CS leadership conference.”

With the pandemic safety being a top concern, the audience will be limited to 150 attendees to allow for appropriate distancing.

The BIG RYG DC program is produced by and for Senior Customer Success leaders with practical strategic themes. 

100% of the conference speakers are Directors and above, while 80%+ are VP or CXO titles. 

The conference program will consist of workshops featuring facetime with CS experts and open, hands-on discussion, as well as captivating keynotes and breakout sessions to choose from. 

The agenda will include these among many other sessions:

1) Customer Success Tech Stack: Bloated or Underinvested? 

– Sandi Lin, CEO & Co-Founder Skilljar; Kevin Boyce, CEO, Higher Logic; Rahul Jain, Founder & VP of BD, Pendo; You Mon Tsang, CEO & Founder, ChurnZero

2) The Next Dream Team – When Customer Success and Marketing Align, Magic Happens 

– Latané Conant, CMO, 6sense; Abby Hammer, Chief Customer Officer, ChurnZero

3) Divide & Conquer: Who Owns What in the Customer Lifecycle 

– Monica Tison, Head of Customer Success & Support, Labelbox

4) “From I to Us” Transforming the Way You Lead Your CS Team

– Cris Sample, Head of Customer Success, ServiceCore

5) Building a Variable Compensation Strategy Around Net Dollar Retention 

– Ryan Browne, VP of Customer Success, Kenect

Sponsors of the event include ESG, The Success League, Higher Logic and SuccessHacker.

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Hakan Ozturk

Hakan Ozturk
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