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Customer Experience Canvas

 A New Era of Customer Success Unveiled at Totango’s Global Executive Forum

Totango for Visual Collaboration with Customer Experience Canvas, Campaign Design, Multidimensional Customer Health, and Powerful Integrations with Google Cloud, Mixpanel, Snowflake, Slack, and Other Major Platforms

Totango, the leading customer success platform that unleashes the power of teams to accelerate the design and delivery of more inspired customer journeys, today launched the Customer Experience Canvas (Canvas), unveiling a range of enhancements to the shared customer OS to meet the needs of today’s agile organization.

With hundreds of inspired customer journeys delivered and thousands of customer success managers active every day, Totango continues to lead the industry with the most flexible and user-friendly solution of its kind.

Canvas is a new, no-code technology that empowers organizations of any size to create more intuitive campaigns that are data-driven and mapped to the customer journey without the need for ongoing custom implementation services, making customer value and net retained revenue growth a company-wide priority.

“Customer relationships are fluid and need to be flexible to succeed,” said Guy Nirpaz, Founder and CEO of Totango.

“Canvas empowers teams to ideate, experiment, and run customer success campaigns within seconds, and then delivers actionable notifications that help teams optimize those campaigns to better serve their clients.

With Canvas, we empower companies to manage the whole customer journey development lifecycle all in one place.”

Innovations Totango announced from the Global Executive Forum keynote stage include:

Canvas Visual Workspace: Empowers your teams with a shared visual workspace that unites the entire company in real-time across customer success, marketing, sales, product, finance, and more, no matter where they are. Everyone can effortlessly align, share, activate, and show off customer success campaigns and programs.

Campaign Designer: Inspires customers with well-designed, targeted, personalized emails created from customizable, ready-to-go templates. Totango’s Campaign Editor empowers organizations to go from idea to action in minutes using simple drag and drop cards to build unique customer journeys together.

Multidimensional Health: Delivers global and granular customer health metrics via a dynamic, customizable dashboard that enables your teams to easily compare data across segments, define and track critical health factors, and dive deep into specific accounts and usage for quick, impactful pivots. With unparalleled visibility and clarity, organizations can sharpen focus and iterate swiftly to improve customer health and impact every segment of the journey, from onboarding to renewal.

Data Integration: Leverages the data from your Hubspot, Salesforce, Slack, Google Cloud,, JIRA, Zendesk, and Snowflake accounts so your teams can take action without ever leaving Canvas or needing to rely on ongoing custom implementation services or static flowcharts or spreadsheets that become quickly outdated.

“We were using a web-based graphing tool to visualize and map into various workflows over 100 automated campaigns and CSM tasks defined in the digital journey for our SaaS platform, but it was very time-consuming and tedious and soon we stopped updating our digital journey drawing,” shared Raymond Xie, Customer Success Operations Manager, Schneider Electric, who beta tested Totango’s new capabilities.

“Canvas came to the rescue by providing visualization and authoring capabilities in one place. Now we can map our customer touchpoints and SuccessPlays sequentially, as they are created. It is helpful for our team to be in sync and see potential gaps in communication. We are very excited about Canvas – now designing customer journey is fun, and we have an illustration that is always up to date!”

Amit Bluman, Totango SVP of Engineering, added, “Canvas enables fast, coordinated planning of customer journeys, and removes silos and waste by providing a holistic agile workspace in which all members of an organization can innovate and collaborate in real-time on digital content like campaigns and automation to drive growth.”

Totango’s announcement in front of top customer success thought leaders follows continued growth and momentum that strengthen Totango’s ability to accelerate the usage of the industry’s foremost customer success platform and continue to democratize CS for all.

About Totango 
Founded in 2010, Totango is the fastest growing and most trusted provider of modular customer success software. Utilizing Totango’s no-code, visual approach, businesses can deliver and quickly optimize best-in-class customer experiences, accelerate product onboarding and adoption, maximize customer retention, and increase user satisfaction leading to strong business results. Totango’s easily manageable pre-built journey modules (SuccessBLOCs) eliminate the friction of time and money spent on implementation and maintenance of traditional old-school customer success platforms. As the only customer success software that combines a modern visual design and collaboration canvas, easy-to-use workflow orchestration tools, and out-of-the-box templates, Totango gives teams instant clarity and full control from creative ideas to consistent execution of best-in-class customer experiences. This approach provides a fast and easy onramp to customer success software and enables the Company to service the full spectrum of small to enterprise businesses regardless of where they are in their customer success journey. For more information and to get started with Totango for free visit the company’s website

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