☕ 3 Summer Tactics To Keep Track Of Your Customers And Hit Your Targets

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It’s summertime.

Most people are taking a few days off to chill, relax and recharge.

And so do your customers.

Yet, you still need them to make progress on pending actions and hit your targets while they are away.

But problem:

They don’t answer your calls, nor respond to your emails.

You decide to go one step further and try to ping them on social media.

But no luck here, either.

Your direct messages remain unread and you start feeling desperate.

Sounds familiar?

Well… our main job is to build strong relationships with our customers and summertime is a tough period for us.

But good news!

There are a few ways to overcome this challenge.

And it’s all about planning well in advance to succeed.

So, here are 3 simple tactics you can apply today to keep track of your customers and hit your summer targets like a pro:

1/ Setup alerts for any major updates

Even in this weak season, changes happen quite often.

A customer gets promoted, a new organizational change occurs, a few people switch jobs, and so on.

Whenever that happens, send a short note to your customers to congratulate them on the change.

This will help you build stronger relationships and identify new opportunities to engage.

Besides, your own company can also make some product announcements during that period.

So ensure you communicate on these important changes to keep your partnership active.

2/ Look up referrals

While the key decision makers might be on vacation, a few other users are most likely available.

So, before your main contacts take some time off, ask them to connect you with a few key people in other departments.

This will help you expand your network and build your influence over time.

3/ Remind your customers about upcoming deadlines

Are there any renewals or projects that are due around this season?

If so, this is a great opportunity for you to remind your customers to take action before they go on holiday.

This will help you create a sense of urgency to ensure they don’t miss the upcoming deadlines.

Moreover, tell them what would happen if they do. Let them visualize the disastrous consequences it could have.

And finally, secure a meeting before they go on vacation. This will help you review any pending action items when they are back.

And that’s it!

No need to complicate or write down a complex process.

Apply these 3 tactics and make it all about your customers so you can start September strong!

And you will, I guarantee it!

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