☕ 5 Body Language Mistakes You Should Avoid At Work

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Your body language says it all.

Actually, it says much more than your words.

In particular when meeting with your customers in person.

But you know that the initial contact makes or breaks the entire experience.

How you move, act, and behave sends strong signals about your deepest motivations.

And this translates into your body movements that can boost or kill your performance.

A strong presence means self-confidence and determination.

But a weak posture destroys your charisma and the impact of your message.

So sit tight, and never let these 5 body language mistakes betray you ever again!

1/ Crossing your arms

This is the most common error we all make at some point, right?

It makes us feel secure but also looks defensive.

When you go to a customer meeting with adversity in mind, you tend to cross your arms as if you want to protect yourself.

While your words appear positive, your body language is telling the opposite.

So, relax and keep your arms on the side or on the desk.

It will show your customer that you are open and engaged.

2/ Slouching

First, it’s bad for your back.

Second, it’s an ugly weak posture that makes you appear like someone who lost all energy!

It’s also a disrespect for your customers.

They expect their trusted advisor to be confident enough to show them the path forward.

So, sit or stand straight with your shoulders and chin up.

You’ll feel more powerful and capable of achieving whatever comes to your plate.

3/ Not making eye contact

Have you ever been discussing with someone and your eyes couldn’t meet? What a weird situation isn’t it?


Not having eye contact feels awkward and the conversation is like not worth your time.

But as a customer success professional, one of your primary goals is to establish trust.

And the first step is to make eye contact when talking to your customers.

When you look everywhere else but at your customer, you tell them you are not interested.

Moreover, people who don’t make regular eye contact appear suspicious or lacking self-confidence.

But staring at your customer for the entire meeting is also a sure way to freak them out.

And the same applies to your online meetings.

So, look at your customers or the camera when listening or making your point.

Break eye contact from time to time. Re-establish again to show you are still engaged in the conversation.

4/ Being agitated

Agitation makes you appear anxious and nervous as if you were hiding something.

In response, your body tries to make you feel better by fidgeting.

This translates into your gesture like:

  • shifting in your seat,
  • playing with nearby objects,
  • biting nails,
  • cracking your knuckles,
  • tilting your neck,
  • tapping your foot,
  • playing with your hair or a pen, and so on.

So, relax, keep calm and make gestures when you speak to keep your body active and busy.

5/ Not smiling

And finally, the most important one.

We tend to forget but smiling is the number one hack to set everyone at ease, reduce tension and have a great time.

And you know what? it’s free!

The more you smile, the more your customers will want to engage with you.

Smile often, even when you are on the phone as it will impact your voice.

Simply said, wear a smile at all times.

Your customers will thank you for the warm conversation!

And that’s it!

Keep these mistakes in mind as if your success depended on it!

You’ve got this!

😄The happiest smile of the week

😄The happiest smile of the week

Cheers, friends!

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