☕ Top 3 Copywriting Techniques That’ll Keep Customers’ Eyes Glued to Your Message And Make Them Take Action

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Writing skills are fundamental to Customer Success.

You need to know how best to communicate on any given topic.

But what if you went a step further and wanted your customers to take a very specific action?

Asking them alone to do something often doesn’t work.

You need to “make your case”, get them interested, and then request what you need.

This is where comes the holy grail of writing:


It’s the process of writing persuasive text that motivates people to take action.

These can be such as clicking on a link, scheduling a call, registering for an event, visiting a website, and so on.

The product here is the “copy” and it has one single mission:

Persuade a target audience to take a particular action.

But how?

By making them feel seen and understood while you help them root for a better future.

The problem is that most people have no idea how to write a great copy nor where to start.

So, here are the 3 most simple techniques you can use immediately to make your customers crave to take an action:

1/ PAS: Problem, Agitate, Solution

This is a formula for almost anything such as emails, social media, or your websites.

It’s simple and direct, my all-time preferred one.

And it’s composed of the following 3 core steps:

1/ Problem

Write a single sentence defining a specific problem your customers are struggling with.

Think of it like a wound you want to help them heal.

And it has one single goal, and one only:

Hook the readers’ attention and get them to read the next sentence.


(Problem): Many people fear writing online.

Note: don’t ask questions that would prompt your audience to respond “No”. If so, they are gone, and it’s game over for you.

2/ Agitate

This is where you amplify the emotional and even physical pain the problem is causing.

So, put some “salt on the wound”.

It’s a bit extreme but illustrates well the picture you want to paint for your readers.

Insist on the frustration or anger they can feel because of the concerns you mentioned.

Don’t use complex words but use your own language. Describe what they are experiencing when they face the problem.

Insist on all the negative consequences that arise while dealing with it.

In our example, you could say something like:

(Agitate): They fear judgment from their coworkers, friends, or family. They think their ideas are not interesting or not worth publishing. They crave for attention but end up stuck with the writer’s block, not knowing how and where to start.

3/ Solution

Now that you set the scene, it’s time to solve the problem with what you have to offer (products, services, etc.)

Again in our example, it could be something like:

(Solution): Publish your 1st article in one week. Here’s everything you need to overcome your fear, build confidence and start writing!

2/ The 4 P’s

This technique stands for Picture, Promise, Prove, and Push.

It works great for describing issues you’ve experienced firsthand.


Because you’ve already gone through the process yourself.

You know what your customers might feel at that particular moment.

So, the formula goes like this:

1/ Picture

Paint the current state of how things work today.

Set up the scene where your customers live, including their pain points and what they want to do.

2/ Promise

Give them the promise of solving their issues if only they used your products or services.

3/ Prove

Now, this is the critical part.

Most people look for customer testimonials to confirm they make the right choice.

See the confirmation bias I’ve discussed in a previous edition about the 7 mental secrets here.

Show them how other customers did and all the great things they achieved with your products or services.

Doing so, you help them remove any doubts and prove that you’ll stick to your promise.

4/ Push

And finally, ask the customer to take action in a clear and direct manner. Reduce frictions and efforts they have to make to go for it.

3/ SSS: Star, Story, Solution

I like this technique much because it’s all about storytelling as in any great movie.

1/ The Star

This is the main character of your story, the person who had a problem, your hero.

2/ Tell the Story 

Talk about the pain points, weaknesses, and strengths your star had.

Bring in the reasons why he/she had to make a change.

3/ Give the solution

Place yourself as the guide who helped your star overcome challenges and succeed.

Tell your audience how your solution helped the hero create a complete transformation.

And finally, explain why your product or services were the perfect fit with a massive outcome.

And that’s it!

These are 3 copywriting techniques that will make your customers take an action on the spot.

Now that you’re aware of how they articulate, you’ll see them everywhere around you 🙂

Apply these tips and you’ll never write and communicate the same way again!

And as you keep practicing, you’ll write better copy over time.

As I always say, once you see it, you cannot unsee 🙂

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