If You Want To Be More Productive Tomorrow, Quit These 5 Bad Habits Today

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Customer Success has a lot to do with YOU first.

You need to feel great and be productive. Like an athlete prepping for the run.

But there are things you do that kill your mood and productivity.

These daily habits are often unconscious and prevent you from getting the most out of your day.

You end up spending hours doing a task that you could complete within minutes.


Protect your time, focus, and energy.

To become more productive, quit these 5 bad habits today:

1/ The Morning Phone Check

What’s the first thing most people do when they wake up in the morning?

They want to have a “quick look” at their phone.

To check what’s going on. Any new messages? notifications?

This gives you a quick hit of dopamine that makes you feel satisfied.

But at the same time, you fill your mind with other priorities. And it reduces your brain power to think about your own goals for the day.

So, what should you do instead?

  • Don’t check your phone for 30 mins and let your brain breathe!

You’ll feel less stressed and more productive, immediately!

2/ Checking Your Emails All Day Long

This is one of the top distractions of our “modern” society.

Most people spend their entire day checking their emails non-stop.


Because it gives you the feeling of being busy, which is the total opposite of being productive.

Instead, plan to check your emails 3 times a day.

And focus all your brain power to nail the most important and urgent tasks for the day before doing anything else.

3/ Meetings For The Sake Of It

No one loves getting into meetings for the sake of it unless you want to waste your time and resources.

Indeed. Your time is the most valuable asset.

And let’s be honest: you can summarize most of your meetings in an email or using other collaborative tools.

But if a meeting is still necessary, you should ensure it has an agenda.

And at the end of the meeting, you should have action items with the owners along with a timeline to complete.

Besides, have you noticed that meetings are like TV Shows? scheduled for 30mins, 45mins, 1h, etc.

But if it only takes 7 mins for a meeting to conclude, why should it take 30 mins?

What happens next is people start talking about anything outside of the main agenda to fill in the void. A total waste of time, isn’t it?

So, cancel meetings that have no agenda or replace them with an email and action plan for people to focus on.

4/ Multi-tasking

You hear some people bragging about how they can do many things at the same time.

But they usually get burned out, ending up with nothing done right on time!

Stop doing this.

The secret to absolute productivity is to focus on one single task instead. And have it completed before moving on to the next one.

This is how you’ll get your precious time back, and do more of the things you love.

So, focus on doing one thing, and one only at a time and you’ll never have to say “Thank God it’s Friday” again!

5/ Negativity

We as human beings tend to focus on what could go wrong first.

It’s part of our survival instincts.

But at the same time, it drains our energy, keeping us in a constant search for security and shelter.

It forces us to focus on problems rather than the solutions and how great the outcome can be instead.

This is why you need to remove any negative thoughts from your mind and fill it in with positive ones.

Think of your brain as the food you eat.

Eating junk food has awful consequences in the long run for your body right?

It’s the same with your brain.

It absorbs whatever you feed it with and gives it back: the worst, as well as the best.

So, do yourself a favor:

  • Stop watching the “breaking news”. The goal of the mass media is to make sure all the world’s issues are your problems. Imagine you wake up and start your day listening to all the accidents, stubbing, murders, and so on. How can you then expect your brain to deliver positive outcomes?
  • distance yourself from anyone that drains your energy with negative talks.
  • and stop listening to moody music when you’re not feeling great.

Instead, surround yourself with a healthy environment. Hang out with people who want you to win.

Whenever you feel down, focus on all the good things you accomplished. Even the smallest wins. Be kind to yourself. And let go of things that bring no value.

Think of it as a hot air balloon:

The more weights you throw away, the higher you can fly and stay!

Come on, you’ve got this!🎈🎈🎈

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Hakan Ozturk

Hakan Ozturk
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