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Google Cloud revealed it’s boosting its Customer Experience organization to help its cloud infrastructure users’ chances of success.

To that end, it said today it’s introducing a new Custom AI Solutions practice, new Global Delivery Centers, expanded Executive Briefing Centers, and also hiring new executive leaders of its own. In a blog post, John Jester, Google Cloud’s vice president of customer experience, said the Custom AI Solutions practice is being set up to help customers drive innovative change with their business processes, culture, and customer experiences using the company’s artificial intelligence and machine learning services.

The practice aims to tackle the reality that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to AI. As Jester explained, each company is unique, so a rideshare company will use AI in a different way from how a brick-and-mortar retailer would. The same goes for healthcare firms, insurance companies, and pretty much every other industry, he said.

“To help organizations deploy AI and ML more effectively, we’re launching a new Custom AI Solutions practice, offering customers custom-built AI and ML solutions built into Vertex AI; access to Google’s engineering expertise; and predictable, subscription-based pricing,” Jester said.

The executive revealed that some of Google Cloud’s customers have already benefited from early access to the Custom AI Solutions practice. For instance, Google Cloud has helped USAA Life Insurance Co. to use its machine learning tools to process near-real-time damage estimates based on digital images, creating a more streamlined claims experience for its customers.

As for the new Global Delivery Centers, these are meant to help Google Cloud expand the professional consulting and emerging practices services it offers to customers around the world.

Jester said each Global Delivery Center is staffed with capable teams that can help customers get up and running with Google Cloud rapidly and cost-effectively. They will also provide consulting for a range of issues, such as building up capacity in areas such as data analytics, AI, machine learning, hybrid, and multi-cloud. The centers will also help assist companies in Google Cloud’s partner ecosystem to ramp up their Google Cloud practices and provide consultation for their clients too.

“In 2022, we aim to triple the size of our Global Delivery Center teams in Argentina, Poland, and India,” Jester said. “In addition, we’ll invest in building deep Google Cloud talent in Mexico and Portugal.”

Meanwhile, the new Executive Briefing Centers will launch in London, Munich, Paris, and Singapore later this year. The centers will provide a way for company executives to meet with Google Cloud leaders, engineers, and industry experts face to face, so they can voice their thoughts and learn about the solutions on offer.

“By bringing this experience to our customers in-region we can foster deeper partnerships and develop cloud solutions that meet their requirements for security, privacy, and digital sovereignty without compromising on functionality or innovation,” Jester said.

The new hires on Google Cloud’s Customer Experience team include Sunil Rao, who previously served for 18 years at Accenture Plc, helping large technology customers across multiple industry verticals. Rao will head up the Customer Experience unit’s Technical Onboarding Center, helping businesses get up to speed with technologies that are critical for understanding customer and business process contexts.

Jester also introduced Lee Moore to lead Google’s Customer Experience team in North America. Moore is another Accenture veteran with almost 30 years of experience in services integration for complex problem-solving, product development, and long-term customer relationship building.

Mike Wheatley, Silicon Angle

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