How to Become A Customer Success Manager: The Hottest And Fastest-Growing Job In The World

How To Become A Customer Success Manager - Hakan Ozturk

Are you looking for a career change to transition into Customer Success and become a Customer Success Manager?

Good news, you don’t need any prior Customer Success experience! However, you’ll need to develop some key skills to succeed.

Customer Success is a relatively new profession and with 6700+ open positions at the moment in the US alone, Customer Success Manager is one of the hottest and fastest-growing jobs in the world, outranking Sales or even Data Scientists!

In the “How to Become a Customer Success Manager” handbook, Hakan Ozturk presents all the skills required to become a great CSM, a complete guide on how to position yourself for success and stand out from the crowd.

Learn the fundamentals such as :

  • What is Customer Success and Why It’s so Important
  • The Top 12 Skills of a proficient Customer Success Manager
  • Specific Challenges & Pain Points
  • Metrics of Success
  • The Future of the Customer Success Profession
  • and key podcasts, blogs or online communities you can further leverage.

This book is for everyone willing to transition into Customer Success or develop their current set of skills to become a great Customer Success Manager.

Recommended by Custify, the customer success platform:
“The 19 Essential Customer Success Books For The Modern CSM 2021”

“As Customer Success Manager is a relatively new role (but rapidly growing!), Hakan’s newest book is perfect for those who want to learn the skills of a great CSM.” – Custify - CSM Book testimonial - New Cover 2 CSM SMALL

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