How to Write Cold Emails That Get 90% Responses? - cold email

In Customer Success, one of the most challenging areas is to identify and connect with the right audience, stakeholders, sponsor, or the champion at the customer organization.

Sometimes, there is no other choice left than to send out “Cold Emails”, which you need to master. So how do you write cold emails that get responses?

These are messages you send to people you are not yet connected with. I’ve sent hundreds over the years, and here’s what I’ve learned: It’s not about “send and wait”, but a few fundamentals to succeed.

The principle of an effective cold email is based on the famous methodology called “AIDA”:

1) A-ttention

2) I-nterest

3) D-esire

4) A-ction -and in that order.

Let’s break down each of the steps quickly.

1) Attention

The subject line of your email ***must hook*** your reader’s attention (like this post 🙂

2) Interest

The body of your email must be customized, relating a few topics of interest to your reader.

Here’s where you can mention a few of their work or projects you liked, etc.

3) Desire

Now that you’ve laid down the basics, time to create a desire for your reader to learn more about what you have to offer.

Tell them why you’ve reached out and how you can bring ***value***.

4) Action

Finally, close the loop with a clear and direct call to action inviting the reader to take a single and simple step.

Example: call, subscribe, visit, check this out, etc.

Ohh, as a bonus, ensure to include a “PS:…” at the end of your message, right after the call-to-action.

I’ve found that it was an absolute attention-catching way to conclude.

Overall, keep it simple, with short sentences, straight to the point, and without any complicated words or acronyms.

So, next time you want to reach out to someone you have not interacted with yet, try following these steps instead and let me know if it helped – as it always did for me.

You’ll be amazed to see your response rates crushing the roof! !!

Hakan Ozturk

Hakan Ozturk
Founder, & The Customer Success Café Newsletter

Hakan Ozturk is a Paris-based Customer Success leader with over 15 years of experience in the computer software industry. Passionate about driving growth and delivering value to strategic customers, Hakan has established himself as a trusted industry expert. As the Founder of The Customer Success Café Newsletter and, Hakan provides valuable industry insights and daily-updated job opportunities worldwide in the field of Customer Success. Connect with Hakan to unlock your company’s potential for success.

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