Ryan Roslansky, CEO of Linkedin Takes on Customer Success Very Seriously

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#1 CS Café – Ryan Roslansky, CEO of Linkedin Takes on Customer Success Very Seriously

I am a heavy user of Linkedin. I run a lot of search queries on the platform to identify the right people I want to interact with, in particular the CS professionals. However, by the time I’m writing this edition, there is still no function called “Customer Success” to help you narrow down your search:

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Your only option is to add a keyword instead. It does not make sense to select “Sales”, or “Support”, or “Consulting”, etc. which always returns inappropriate results anyway…

So, I thought everyone else like me was struggling with this issue and decided to bring the topic to Linkedin with the following post yesterday:

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It got traction immediately with a lot of people reacting, commenting, and advocating for the same issue to be resolved.

But I was far from imagining that only 4 hours later, the CEO of Linkedin himself Ryan Roslansky would react as well and take ownership of my request!

One of my Linkedin connections Muhammad Ali Avais simply tagged the exec team in support of my request, asking for the feature to be reviewed.

Ryan then looped in Omar Siddiqui, Head of Product, Data Standardization at Linkedin to drive the conversation as you can see on the following screenshot:

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It’s been a total blast for all of us! I think nobody on the thread was expecting that the CEO of Linkedin would step in and help!?!?!

And only a few minutes later, Omar responded saying “Customer Success Professionals should have a place to easily identify with” as you can see on the screenshot below:

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Now I think it’s just a matter of time to get the feature reviewed and prioritized. And I guess it’s very likely that the search engine will have a new field added: Customer Success!!!

I’ll follow up on my suggestion very closely and publish any updates as they may come in the following days.

So, this is the story about how a simple but impactful request escalated quickly for a delightful customer experience with an immediate outcome!


Well, that’s all from me for today’s edition.

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