Tharstern Expands Customer Success And Development Teams

One of the leading MIS suppliers, Tharstern, has expanded its team with five new hires in the past two months after reporting significant growth.

First to join the team was Laura Woodward, one of two implementation specialists hired to help deliver customer onboarding and training. Laura has been in print since her teenage years and ran the implementation of Tharstern at her previous company, Sherwood Press. 

‘I’ve been a huge fan of Tharstern since I implemented its software at my previous company, so I’m very excited to be part of the team,’ commented Woodward on her appointment. 

The second implementation specialist hired by the company in this recruitment drive is US-based Zach Forest, whose previous role involved pre-press and production before leading the implementation of web-to-print technologies and their integration with the company’s MIS software. 

‘Working in these areas has allowed me to gain a better understanding of what printing companies need, and I’m very excited to transfer this knowledge as an implementation specialist for Tharstern,’ said Forest.

A new technical lead, Stuart Walsh, has joined the software company’s development team with 15 years of experience working in C#, .NET, and associated technologies. Stuart will be a crucial contributor to the company’s development strategy in the future.  

The helpdesk team will also be getting a new member when ICT apprentice, Peter Birdsall, joins at the end of this month. This will increase the helpdesk team to 11 full-time members, all dedicated to the ongoing support of the Tharstern customer base. In addition to this, the company has employed Lynne Fairhurst as an executive assistant, bringing the total number of hires to five in two months. 

‘We are busier than ever and happy to get all these new Tharsternians out there and working with our customers. We pride ourselves on offering more than just software – we’re a true partner that our customers can lean on for technical advice and guidance, and these new team members will be hugely beneficial to these partnerships,’ commented Keith McMurtrie, CEO of Tharstern.

Hakan Ozturk

Hakan Ozturk
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