AI + CS Summit 2023: Revolutionizing Customer Success with AI Excellence

AI CS Summit Matik

Matik is hosting a groundbreaking event that promises to reshape the landscape of customer success as we know it – the AI + Customer Success Summit. Set to be held virtually on August 24, 2023, this summit is poised to become the hallmark event of the year for customer success (CS) teams and the operational forces supporting them. In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming industries, the summit aims to address a pivotal question: how should customer success teams be using AI?

The AI + Customer Success Summit will provide a dynamic platform for thought leaders, industry experts, and professionals to delve deep into the realms of AI’s integration into customer success strategies.

Hosted by Matik, a trailblazer in AI-powered solutions, this immersive event is set to unveil a treasure trove of insights, strategies, and real-world applications that will enable CS teams to harness AI’s transformative potential. From streamlining workflows to enhancing customer experiences, the summit promises to unlock the untapped synergy between AI and customer success.

AI Summit: A Virtual Voyage into AI Excellence

Embracing the virtual realm, the AI + Customer Success Summit will transcend geographical boundaries to connect CS enthusiasts, operations teams, revenue operations professionals, and forward-thinking minds from diverse industries. Attendees can expect to be captivated by a thoughtfully curated lineup of sessions, workshops, and panel discussions that span the entire AI spectrum. From AI fundamentals to practical implementation strategies, the summit will guide attendees through a holistic journey.

How can AI amplify customer success strategies? What are the strategies for integrating AI into day-to-day workflows?

These burning questions will find their answers within the captivating narratives spun by speakers who are luminaries in their respective domains. Brace yourselves for illuminating keynotes and panel discussions led by prominent leaders from industry giants such as OpenAI, Okta, Greenhouse, Glassdoor, and an array of other prestigious organizations. With their expert insights, attendees will gain the competitive edge needed to drive innovation and foster customer-centric growth.

An Experience Beyond Knowledge Sharing

As a testament to Matik’s commitment to making AI accessible and transformative, the AI + Customer Success Summit will be offered free of charge. The democratization of AI knowledge is at the heart of this summit, empowering every CS professional, no matter their budget or company size, to embark on a journey toward AI-powered customer success.

Moreover, the AI + Customer Success Summit understands the importance of a complete experience. The first 100 registrants will be treated to a delightful $20 UberEats gift card, ensuring that attendees can savor a culinary treat while immersing themselves in the enlightening sessions.

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The AI + Customer Success Summit beckons all CS enthusiasts, operations aficionados, and those with a vested interest in shaping the future of customer success. This is your golden opportunity to unravel the mysteries of AI, unlock its potential, and harness its capabilities to forge an unbreakable bond with your customers.

To secure your spot, visit and immerse yourself in the event of the year. But hurry, as spots are filling up fast! Don’t miss your chance to become a pioneer in the AI-driven future of customer success.

About Matik: Pioneering Transformation Through AI-Powered Narrative Automation

At Matik, we’re rewriting the rules of work by automating the generation of repetitive data-driven narratives. Founded in the heart of San Francisco, our core values – Trust, Compassion, Quality, and Customer First – drive us to reshape how people interact with data. With innovative AI solutions, we empower individuals and organizations to break free from mundane tasks, fostering creativity and strategic thinking. By seamlessly blending technology and integrity, we’re on a mission to transform work, one narrative at a time. Learn more about our journey at

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