Customer Success Festival: Join the Ultimate Customer Success Event in San Francisco Bay Area

September 19 – 20, 2023 Oakland Marriott City Center, 1001 Broadway, Oakland

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Discover the Customer Success Festival!

Customer Success Festival

Are you ready for an exceptional event that will revolutionize your approach to customer success? Look no further! The Customer Success Collective presents the Customer Success Festival, one of the most anticipated conferences of the year. Join us on September 19th and 20th at the Oakland Marriott City Center for two days of unparalleled networking, knowledge sharing, and elevating the role of customer success in your organization.

Why Attend the Customer Success Festival?

1. Unmatched Networking: Meet and collaborate with leaders from the world’s largest organizations and the most innovative startups, creating an invaluable support network of local peers and mentors.

2. Expert Insights: Be inspired by 30+ distinguished speakers, including Heidi Rhodes (Global Head of Customer Success at Meta), Dutta Satadip (Chief Customer Officer at ActiveCampaign), Laura Rey-Herme (VP, Customer Success at Salesforce), and many more.

3. Actionable Strategies: Learn proven tactics and strategies to make your customer success unit indispensable and achieve sustainable growth.

4. Cutting-edge Tech Stack: Get the inside scoop on the must-have tech stack to streamline your customer success operations effectively.

What Topics Will Be Covered?

Expect to cover a range of compelling topics in the customer success domain, including:

  • Enhancing customer success with generative AI beyond ChatGPT.
  • Unlocking rapid growth with data-driven principles in building customer-centric companies.
  • Cross-functional best practices to power retention & growth, integrating customer success, sales, and product teams.
  • Harnessing AI/ML to empower team efficiencies and focus on impactful work.
  • Scaling customer success and delivering an outstanding customer experience at a larger scale.
  • Success stories in career progression for VP and C-suite professionals.
  • Proving ROI through data-driven customer success metrics.
  • Aligning culture & vision for success.

Hear From Last Time’s Attendees:

“I was struck by the quality of the speakers that I got to hear. A great event.” – Head of Strategic Customer Success, Stripe

“The event was really impactful. I can take some of the learnings back to our teams and say, ‘This is something I think we need to invest in in the future’.” – Senior Manager, Customer Success, UI Path

“I was highly impressed with the conference. It was amazing to see such a large turn-out and that it was so well put together.” – Global Strategy Lead, Customer Success, Siemens

Co-located Events and Partners:

At the same venue and on the same dates, you will have access to multiple co-located events like the Sales Enablement Summit, Product-led Summit, Product Operations Summit, Chief Revenue Officer Summit, Chief Product Officer Summit, and Revenue Operations Summit. A shared networking space will allow you to explore different content and attend individual sessions tailored to your interests.

Experience the Difference:

Break free from the daily grind, recharge, and refocus your efforts in a distraction-free environment. Collaborate face-to-face with your team, fostering creativity and growth. Let curiosity lead the way as you share ideas and solve challenging problems with like-minded professionals.

Don’t miss out on the Customer Success Festival, the pinnacle event for customer success enthusiasts! Secure your seat now and download the brochure for more information. We look forward to welcoming you to Oakland!

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Note: This announcement is for communication purposes. For further details, please visit the official Customer Success Festival event page.

Hakan Ozturk

Hakan Ozturk
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